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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Stories from the Land of Crane and Turtle, part 2

"Wiinabozho and the Butterflies"


Ojibwe-style wedding rings designed by Zhaawanart Fisher star Creations
Visit the website to view details of the ring set


Boozhoo! Biindigen miinawaa nindaadizooke wigamigong; enji-zaagi'iding miinawaa gikendaasong. Ninga-aadizooke noongom giizhigad! Hello! Welcome back in my Storytelling Lodge where legends and teaching stories are told. Let’s tell an aadizookaan (sacred story) today!

Today's story is part of a series titled  Stories from the Land of Crane and Turtle, featuring traditional Anishinaabe stories that encompass the unique world view and cultural perspective of the Anishinaabe Peoples. 

The story features a set of wedding rings and a graphic illustration by myself and several acrylic paintings by the late Carl Ray and by Miskwaabik Animikii (Norval Morrisseau). 

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