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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Love Stories from the Land of Many Lakes, part 8

A love poem for Yarden Yardeni

A Love Poem

Onaabdin-giizis/Onaabani-giizis; Snowcrust Moon (March 23, 2019)

"Shooting Stars"

Like a star in my are
Do not be sad
Do not cry
I will come for you my love.
Only when I come to you
Will my heart be at ease
Will my mind be at peace.
Among the star people
We go together.
We will venture about a trail
To unknown galaxies.
Only with one canoe we will travel
You, me, we
Like two shooting stars.
Always nearby
Living forever
Loving forever... 



Ginaagozi dibishkoo anang…giin
Gego gashkendigien
Gego mawiken
Giga abinaanin niinimoshenh.
Baamaa abi-izhaaminaan’
Ninga bizaam-ode’e
Ninga bon-inendam.
Megwe anangoogininiwag
Ninga-izhaamin dibi-iidig.
Giin, niin, niinawind
Dibishkoo niizho-jiingwanan
Apane jiigayi’iing
Apane nimbimaadizimin
Apane ninzaagi'idimin...

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About the author and his sources of inspiration:

Trouwringen ontwerper Zhaawano GiizhikMy name is Zhaawano Giizhik. As an American artist, poet, and jewelry designer currently living in the Netherlands. I like to draw on the oral and pictorial traditions of my Ojibwe Anishinaabe ancestors from the American Great Lakes area. For this I call on my manidoo-minjimandamowin, or "Spirit Memory"; which means I try to remember the knowledge and the lessons of my ancestors. The mazinaajimowinan or ‘pictorial spirit writings’ - which are rich with  symbolism and have been painted throughout history on rocks and etched on other sacred items such as copper and slate, birch bark and animal hide - were a form of spiritual as well as educational communication that gave structure and meaning to the cosmos. Many of these sacred pictographs or petroforms – some of which are many, many  generations old - hide in sacred locations where the manidoog (spirits) reside, particularly in those mystic places near the coastline where the sky, the earth, the water, the underground and the underwater meet.

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